An international leader in agricultural exports.

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About Us

An international leader in agricultural exports, we help connect farmers with buyers around the globe.

Our Company

Great Western Commodities, LLC is an international export company that specializes in providing animal feed, ingredients, and dairy byproducts to developing countries.

Our Process

We start by building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with farmers and agricultural producers. No matter what they are producing, farmers—who have limited time and pre-existing connections—can have trouble exporting their goods and connecting with buyers. That is where we come in: we serve as the bridge between producers and buyers. Great Western Commodities, LLC has regional, national, and international networks of buyers and the logistics capacity already in place to handle the movement of commodities through customs and around the world. This means we can get better returns for farmers, sell our products at lower prices, and do our part to feed the world.

Our People

At Great Western Commodities, LLC, we are incredibly proud and honored to have a great team that values hard work, communication, and leadership.

Our Products

Great Western Commodities, LLC exports high-quality agricultural products to global buyers and markets.